As a company working in the textile finishing industry it is incumbent upon us to husband resources, ensure health and safety at work and to protect the environment.

Instruction and training in environmental protection and health and safety requirements are carried out on a regular basis. As far as we are able to, we equip all our workplaces so that the burden for staff and environment is reduced to an absolute minimum. We set great store by the resource-saving manufacturing processes and waste prevention that ultramodern manufacturing technologies provide. We undertake to observe laws and regulations. In this respect we have emissions measured by certified specialist firms just as regularly as the independent inspection of maximum limits in the workplace.

Observing environmental protection regulations plays a key role in our supplier management system. The commitment of all staff in implementing an ongoing improvement process increases the quality of the process, products and the long-term protection of the environment.

Because sustainability is a key part of our daily business, we are a member in the ZIM Project WIPRONA.

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