Quality is our overriding mission and a primordial managerial duty guiding all our organisational processes.

We have implemented a computer controlled quality management ensured by a fully integrated data acquisition and enterprise resource planning system.

Our quick decision processes increase customer satisfaction and offer a uniformly high quality at all production stages.

Furthermore, we regularly send our staff on QM standard training courses and thus ensure ongoing quality improvements in all areas.

Our laboratory is comprehensively equipped with ultramodern measuring devices. Our staff in this department are experts in all types of physical material testing processes used both on the raw materials employed as well as on the laminated composite systems.

Our samples are tested under conditioned conditions and all the measuring instruments employed are subject to test equipment monitoring and are regularly calibrated.

Our test options:

• Continuous distortion determination

• Calibrated length measurement

• Burning tests

• Static elongation

• Colormetric comparisons

• Composite separating force determination

• Stress/strain profiles and tensile tests

  • Quality